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Sport was always a big part of my life and I tried out various workout styles: HIIT, classic weight training, cycling and dance, I did it all. Although I really enjoy those workout styles the biggest change in my body & in my overall well-being I started seeing when my Yoga & Pilates journey started.

Not only my skin started to glow & my body transformed, also my mental strength increased. 

Pilates & Yoga helped me to have a positive self-image and to feel and love my body. 

This is the main reason why I decided to offer those classes, that truly transformed my life, to everyone. 

Everyone should take the time to do something for their own body, their mind and their soul. 



During the group sessions you will enjoy an intense full-body workout. Each class will starts with a short introduction into the Pilates technique and end with a meditation to bring balance into your body & mind. 

The basic material you need is a mat, however you can add on ankle weights or bands to intensify the workout. 

The classes are suitable for all levels. 


The private class is a 1-1 session which can either be digitally or depending on the place also live. 
This workout is created based on your specific needs and tailored to your personal goals. 
Bring you fitness to the next level.

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